In March 2018, a well-known fintech company located in San Francisco contacted Maris Consulting Group℠, formerly known as DeWinter Technology, to request assistance identifying Salesforce engineering professionals for a large upcoming project. After working with the company in 2017 to assist with the company’s migration from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning and overseeing the subsequent rearchitecture of Salesforce’s CPQ module, the organization was now prepared to begin tailoring the application’s subsequent modules to further align and improve upon Salesforce’s integration into internal processes. The company had determined the next step in their Salesforce improvement efforts to be the implementation of Salesforce Communities, a centralized portal promoting collaboration, training, and continued education for employees and the organization’s partners.


  • Quick access to resources who can get the job done. Identifying reliable, qualified professionals in a limited time frame who are willing to work short-term projects is challenging without pre-established connections.
  • Applied experience with Salesforce applications. In today’s hiring market, technical experts with several years of hands-on experience working with products and applications are in high demand. As a result the pool of readily available talent is limited.
  • Necessity to have the individuals work onsite. Given the hands on nature and synergies generated amongst the preexisting team, it was pertinent to identify team members readily available to work onsite.


Given Maris’ intimate understanding of the recent migration to Salesforce Lightning and the organization’s established corporate culture, our team was once again asked to assist with identifying qualified professionals to expedite project completion. Working directly with the project manager, Maris quickly determined Staff Augmentation services to be the ideal solution to address the immediate need for temporary, technical support.


  • Improved Control & Project Flexibility. Given the current status of the project, leveraging consultants allowed for the hiring manager to continue to oversee the project through completion enabling improved control and insight.
  • Faster Deployment of Salesforce Communities. As a result of the quick turnaround of the necessary professional resources, the company was able to complete the project on time without risking the effectiveness and accuracy of the implementation.
  • Cost Effective. When compared to hiring an outside consulting firm or hiring additional FTE’s, leveraging Staff Augmentation solutions was a cost effective approach to assisting the company’s team in the short-term.

company details

Size: Large ($500M+ in Annual Revenues)
Industry: Financial Technology
Location: San Francisco

project details

Support the successful and timely implementation of Salesforce Communities.
Duration: 6 months

desired resources

  • Project Manager
  • Business Systems Analyst
  • Salesforce Engineers (x4)