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Data’s the Name. What’s your game? 

Maris Consulting Group’s latest blog series focuses on help you identify ways to leverage your data, define your ideal team structure, and develop an effective talent acquisition strategy.

Data. In today’s business world “data” has become THE buzzword. We hear it at least two to three times a day during meetings, reading through proposals, or even using it ourselves to substantiate our decision making. The internet is saturated with articles pertaining to the demand for data professionals, increase in number of jobs, the uses of data, and the subsequent risks. Why you may ask? The answer is simple. Data is the new frontier for executives and senior leaders searching for ways to improve the bottom line. 

Every organization collects data via some form of technology. In a recent article published by MIT Technology Review, it was stated “97% of firms are investing in big data and artificial intelligence(AI), and the primary goal for most is to deploy advanced analytics capabilities for business decision-making. (1)” The question is no longer, “Should we be collecting and analyzing our data?” The question is now, “How do we truly leverage the data we have?” Whether it be analyzing internal data to reduce operating costs or identifying new ways to generate revenue with it. Like with any new advancement or business trend though, it is key to understand how to harness the power of people behind it within your organization to effectively, efficiently, and accurately add value. 

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